The History & Future of the Grange

Sunday, March 12

Silverton historian Gus Frederick will be presenting his talk “The History and Future of the Grange in Transition,” about how the Grange movement started, both nationally and here in Oregon, and how it has remained an active part of rural communities to this day. At the Silverton Grange, on Sunday, March 12, 6:00 pm. Join us prior for a potluck dinner and social hour starting at 5:00.

Background from the Green Grangers Interest Group:

The Order of Patrons of Husbandry, generally known as The Grange, started as a radical populist movement from the 1870s that formed in opposition to both monopolistic corporations and their middlemen. This detrimental concentration of resources and the power it creates they reasoned, would result in a society that degraded the producer, violated the public good, and undermined the republic. Over a century later, this situation not only persists, it thrives – fueled by dwindling supplies of non-renewable and toxic fossil fuels.

Over the last 100 years, our society has grown up around the paradigm of cheap energy and rapid mobility. This is changing no matter what anyone feels about it one way or the other. Market forces are driving society as a whole towards a re-localization paradigm, even if many in industry fail to recognize it, or actively oppose it. We see this in our grocery stores with the ever-expanding range of local organic produce; Or in the increase in vibrant Farmer’s Markets and in the creative ingenuity of many of our rural citizens. Many of us feel that the Grange should accept this changing paradigm, and become a major player and even leader in rural communities in transition.

The Silverton Grange Hall is located at 201 Division Street, Silverton. From Main & Water downtown, head south 1.7 miles on Water Street towards Silver Falls State Park, and turn left on Division Street. There is a large State Highway sign for the Grange Hall on the corner.