MLK Day Celebration & Potluck

Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. M.L. King

Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Silverton Grange Hall. Doors open at 5:30 pm for a potluck dinner and social hour, program around 6:30ish.

Join the Silverton Grange and the Silverton People For Peace as we honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, for our 13th Annual MLK Day Celebration, an evening of Remembrance, Poetry, Song and Potluck. Free for all, and all are welcome!

Starting with just a few volunteers in 2003, The Silverton People For Peace initiated this January tradition of honoring Dr. King as a way to highlight his powerful messages and the examples he left for us to follow. After several years, The Silverton Grange decided to partner with us, and to provide us with a regular venue.

Following a Social Hour & Potluck, our Guest speaker will be Ahjamu Umi, noted Oregon social and racial justice activist and author: “Breaking the Chains of Racism and Intolerance.” Past celebrations have included relevant film showings, poetry and select readings from Dr. King and others involved in the social justice movement. We are proud to continue this tradition into a new decade, and invite one and all to join us in celebrating the life and times of one of this country and this planet’s most endearing citizens.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s challenge 50 years ago to America to “make real the promises of democracy” remains today and his legacy to social and economic justice will be celebrated  at the 12th Annual Silverton MLK Observance, 6:00 p.m., Monday, January 19, at the Silverton Grange, 201 Division, just off of  S. Water. The evening of community potluck, music, short readings and audio samplings of Dr. King’s speeches is co-sponsored by the Silverton Grange and Silverton People for Peace.

The potluck traditionally has featured southern-style cooking with suggested dishes that were Dr. King’s favorites, including macaroni & cheese, pork chops, baked ham, green beans and ham, cooked greens and apple pie. In recognition of Dr. King work as a beacon of hope to the economically disadvantage and in keeping of the tradition of the holiday as one of community service, donations of blankets, coats, hats scarves and gloves – as well as any canned goods – to Silverton Area Community Aid are encouraged.

The Silverton Grange is 1.7 miles south of Main and Water and two blocks east on Division Street. A street sign for the Grange Hall is on S. Water and Division. The event is open to the community.

For more information, call 503.580.8893, email Rose Hope. For more information on this release, contact Robert Sisk at 503.580.8893 or this source.

Our Work is Not Over

“When so many of our nation’s schools are failing, especially those in our poorest rural and urban communities, denying millions of young Americans the chance to fulfill their potential and live out their dreams, we have more work to do.

“When CEOs are making more in ten minutes than the average worker earns in a year, and millions of families lose their homes due to unscrupulous lending, checked neither by a sense of corporate ethics or a vigilant government; when the dream of entering the middle class and staying there is fading for young people in our community, we have more work to do.

“When any human being is denied a life of dignity and respect, no matter whether they live in Anacostia or Appalachia or a village in Africa; when people are trapped in extreme poverty we know how to curb or suffering from diseases we know how to prevent; when they’re going without the medicines that they so desperately need – we have more work to do.