Corporate Accounatability

Note: The following was written in response to a Legislative Alert sent by email from The National Grange Legislative Policy Committee. The opinions within are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Silverton Grange.

Molly Thompson; Legislative Program Assistant
Re: National Grange Legislative Action Alert 13


I recently received an “Action Alert” urging all Grange Members to OPPOSE House Resolution 5175, designed to reign-in the alleged “constitutional rights” of corporate organizations.

I joined the Grange specifically for it’s early opposition to unbridled corporate power, monopolies and their “middle men.” For over a hundred years, our country has been ever increasingly under the thumb of these corporate interests, whose only goal is to increase profits for share holders.

This situation, fueled by dwindling supplies of non-renewable fossil fuels, has evolved into a massive centralized civilization that even the ancient Soviets would envy. The current fact that campaigns are judged by how much money is raised, is not only obscene, but un-patriotic.

And now the National Grange wants us to oppose the small measure of accountability that HR5175 would mandate. What does the National Grange have to fear from citizens knowing how much money was spent by them?

Maybe because the National Grange is actually more supportive of those same corporate interests? And perhaps fear that HR5175’s accountability would reveal to all this fact?

If the National Grange was truly concerned about family farms and the future of rural America, they might be wise to actually support same. Instead of the centralized corporate predators that feed off of us.

I will advise all my friends and neighbors to contact their Congress folks to SUPPORT HR5175.


Gus Frederick; Lecturer
Silverton Grange No:748

2 Responses to “Corporate Accounatability”

  1. pat murphy Says:

    Accountability of government and powerful private interests has been a severe problem for a good many years. Passing legislation to make accountability a part of national goals I can support. However, efforts in this vein have been attempted and failed before, that’s what lawyers are for, to circumvent such efforts to restrict the raping and looting by corporations. That is what lobbyists are for, to stop this inconvenient inspection.

    Until citizens understand how they have been bent over by the corporations and are willing in mass to stop it, another bill will not stop it. Those that expect the government to look after the citizens interest are simply whistling into the wind.

  2. Pamela Cosmo Says:

    I wholeheartedly support your efforts to oppose the unfortunate stance the National Grange seems to be advocating. I, too, joined the Grange to promote localization of the food supply and to counter the corporate efforts to control (and genetically alter or contaminate) our food.

    Time after time, is seems, I have seen organizations start out with good intentions to conserve and protect the environment, health, and well-being of citizens, only to have them co-opted by corporate money. I certainly would hate to have the Grange suffer the same fate.

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