Lasagna in the Rain

Take a helping of manure, a bit of straw, a layer of compost, some coconut coir fibers, a bunch of leaves and grass clippings, and sprinkle on some coffee grounds…then repeat! On October 17, eight hardy Silverton Grange members came together for our first “work and learn” event. With the driving rain cheering us on, we built a total of 11 raised beds using the Lasagna Gardening method outlined in Patricia Lanza’s book. Our community garden is taking shape! We even had our first harvest: some October raspberries from our bush from local One Green World Nursery. The Silverton Grange is working to develop a community garden that will educate and engage future urban gardeners from our community and reward them with the “fruits” of their labor! For more information about the garden, e-mail April at