Cardboard in a Garden?

Have you been by the Grange lately? You might have been surprised to see cardboard covering the ground in our garden area. Lots of cardboard. We are developing a demonstration garden that will help teach community members simpler ways to garden, and we are starting by building our soil using a method known as “lasagna gardening.” (The method is detailed in “Lasagna Gardening,” a book by Patricia Lanza.) Cultures around the world have used similar methods when the soil on their site was not adequate for cultivation. Basically, we will be layering organic material on top of the cardboard to build soil up, rather than digging and tilling. We decided to use this method after several grangers learned the hard way that the soil around our grange is very rocky and difficult to work (it is old riverbed, after all). 

Already people in the community have been helping us get the garden going…in addition to donations by grangers, Bochsler’s Hardware in Mt. Angel donated many large cardboard boxes, and a local horse stable is do

nating a manure/wood chip mixture. Molly at Rolling Hills Bakery has been donating compostable material to our co

mpost pile.

What we still need:

  • Straw bales
  • Wood ash
  • Compost and compostable materials

Grangers and interested community members: We also need…you! Are you interested in experimenting with a different kind of gardening? Are you interested in helping to grow a beautiful garden that will serve the community? Do you have gardening expertise, or do you want to learn? E-mail me at if you are interested in volunteering.