Silverton Grange Business agenda Feb 3 ’08

  • Roll Call of Officers (Note in the book who is present and who is pro-tem)
  • Moment of silence for those in harms way
  • Welcome visitors – introductions (Fairfield Grange)
  • Blessing from Chaplin
  • New member welcoming ceremony:
  • Last meeting minutes: Additions/changes?
  • Reports of Standing Committees:
    • Report on rentals
    • Bldg maintenance – Closet and bathrooms were cleaned last weekend. painting supplies are now in closet in Men’s room
  • Reports of Special Committees:
    • Land dev. committee: Lot line adjustment/ Subdivision on Division St.
      • executive meeting report.
    • Report of Legislative Chair:
    • Communications:
      • Report from Secretary
        • New PO Box (number 1115) need Randi to make address change.) 
        • Officer roster has been up dated. 
        • Dues are Due
  • Quarterly Report to State Grange: (Oct, Jan, April, July)
  • Lecture series report: Gus
    • Lecture series on 2nd Friday 7 – 8:30 pm
    • Dan Serres, gas pipe line
    • Linda Sarnoff, city land uses issues
    • John Labovitz internet for community org.
    • Pringle Creek presentation
  • Bills and Accounts: Tom, Randi
  • Unfinished business:
    • Community garden – Jim Gilbert and Jason working on grant
    • Anne report on grant deadlines for submission date.
  • New business
    • Earthday plans –  need committee
    • Contra dance for March?
    • New Potluck theme for March?
    • Chili Feed?
    • Breakfast for dinner?

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