Land Swap Update

Georgi Cam emailed me a scan of his proposal for the land swap deal. I figured a bit of basic geometry might be useful in this situation. By measuring the number of pixels in a given “chunk” I was able to figure out the area variation of the various chunks of land. In other words, just how much land we would actually loose. I was wondering when he mentioned that “I will come out a little ahead…” and “…the fir trees would be in the livingroom…” and “…I’ll help pay for the new parking lot…” comments, what he was thinking. Basically, it would NOT be a straight one-to-one deal after all:

Current Grange Property

Current Grange Property

Shows location of Grange Hall and current parking lot configuration.

Well Property

Well Property

Georgi proposes trading us this chunk of land, (blue)

…in exchange for this piece of Grange property, (red).

Georgi's SLice

Land Swap

Land Swap

In other words, we trade the “Red Zone” for the “Blue Zone.”

Final Outcome

Final Outcome

As a result, Georgi gets a piece more than 60% bigger than the
one we get, and we would loose almost 15% of our property.
That way he can build an additional TWO houses on that lot.


“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

-Some Famous Wise-Guy

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