Division Street Subdivision

Division Street Development

To: City of Silverton
From: Silverton Grange #748
Subj: Notice of Public Hearing
Re: File No. SU-07-07/VR-07-05

To Whom It May Concern:

In regards to the proposed Division Street Subdivision by G Cam Ltd. and NW Land Development Services, being considered by the Silverton Planning Commission. The Silverton Grange has several concerns that we feel need to addressed prior to the approval of this subdivision.


The Silverton Grange Hall, located at 201 Division Street, has occupied its current location for over half a century. The property, while owned by the Oregon State Grange, is managed and maintained by the members of the Silverton Grange. As such, it has been a popular and convenient venue for many community activities from weddings to dances. Our large paved parking lot is often filled during these events, with sometimes thirty or more vehicles.

Current access to the Grange Hall is off of South Water Street onto Division, and then down the current unpaved Division Street for several hundred meters to our parking lot, located on the North side of our property, (Fig. 1).

As we understand the plans for this proposed subdivision, Division Street’s direct access from South Water Street will be closed to traffic and replaced by a foot path with emergency vehicle access only. The implication being that all traffic will be redirected down Pioneer Drive, and connect up with an new extended end of Division Street.

Safety Concerns:

Section 3 of the Notice’s Criteria for Approval states:

“The proposed street plan affords the best economic, safe, and efficient circulation of traffic possible under the circumstances.”

Unfortunately, this supposition does not seem to take into account the Grange Hall and its activities. If there are 30 or more vehicles parked in our lot for an event, that means 30 or more vehicles driving down Pioneer, then looping into and through this new Division Street neighborhood. This would dramatically increase the distance traveled off of the main arterial by Grange event attendees, and logic dictates that this increase in traffic could actually be less safe, (Fig. 2).

Possible Solutions:

The Silverton Grange has our community’s safety and best interests in mind and would like to work with the developers, and our other neighbors to come up with a better solution to this proposal, than as currently presented. We look forward to presenting our case at the upcoming Public Hearing on this matter, scheduled for Tuesday, November 13. As such, we would request a spot on the agenda.

Thanks you in advance,

Executive Committee
Silverton Grange

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