Guest Lecture by Gus Frederick: Earth as Organism … Humans As?

The scientific Gaia theory, (named for the Greek Earth Goddess), sees the Earth as a physiological system made up from all living organisms and their material environment. Each living thing, plant or animal, has evolved or the eons to serve specific functions to keep Gaia “alive.” But the major question is, what is the role of the human species in the mix? The more pessimestic may see us a virus or cancer. This presentation attempts to propose another view of how we fit in with Gaia.

Silvertonian Gus Frederick is a self-unemployed graphic artist, animationist, former Silverton City Councilor, and progressive Martian.

Monday August 27, 7:15-8:15pm.
Questions and answers to follow.
Admission: FREE

Located at the Silverton Grange Hall, 201 Division St., Silverton
(from Main & Water, head south 1.7 miles on Water St. towards the Falls, and turn left on Division St.)

The regular monthly meeting of the Silverton Grange will be held at 6:45-7:15pm, prior to the lecture. Anyone interested in who the Grange is and what we do is welcome to attend.